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Randy Sanders, President of Sanders & Associates, Inc., and State Director – For decades, Randy has been involved in pageantry having produced and emceed shows all over the country. Since 1996 he has been a State Director with the Miss Universe Organization and has attracted some of the pageant industry’s best people that together currently produce the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA state preliminaries in Indiana and West Virginia. Randy’s company is Sanders & Associates, Inc., more commonly known as Pageant Associates. Contact Randy at Coordinator@pageantassociates.com.  

Francesca Masone Davis, Assistant State Director – Francesca oversees the preparations of our state Titleholders for their appearances, as well as, the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA national pageants, bringing her unique point of view as a parent (having raised 10 children), pageant judge and as an event organizer to help them each rise to the challenges of being a public figure. Contact Francesca at FrancescaMD@pageantassociates.com.

Heather McCarley, Contestant Coordinator – Heather guides each of our contestants through the process of fulfilling all the necessary requirements to compete for a Miss USA or Miss Teen USA state title.  Once you have completed the application process, she will provide the paperwork and guidance, along with your own personal deadlines, to make sure that you will be ready to compete. Contact Heather at cc1@pageantassociates.com.

Woody Miller, Consultant – Woody serves as a consultant to Pageant Associates. He has made a career in the pageant industry with expertise in photography, production, lighting, graphics and IT management.  He is the point person who handles networking needs of our company, Titleholders and clients.  Contact Woody at Woody@pageantassociates.com.

Use the links below to submit your entry application for one of the Miss USA or Miss Teen USA state pageant competitions produced by Pageant Associates.

Miss Teen USA state pageants
Indiana Teen USA
Pennsylvania Teen USA (now being produced by Proctor Productions LLC)
West Virginia Teen USA

Miss USA state pageants
Indiana USA
Pennsylvania USA (now being produced by Proctor Productions LLC)
West Virginia USA

Statement from Pageant Associates regarding COVID-19 – March 22, 2020

We are honoring the CDC recommendations, and local, state and federal mandates regarding our way of doing business.  “We”, meaning our Titleholders and Associates who are working from our homes.  Our Titleholders are utilizing every opportunity being offered by their educational institutions and/or their employers, as well as, our wonderful sponsors to stay connected by phone, email, online meeting apps, FaceTime, etc.  Some are even working to take care of their own businesses, employees and customers/clients.

Pageant Associates suspended all “in person” appearances until the CDC tells us that it is safe to resume public gatherings.  We will use social media to reach out with positive messages and to interact with those who support our Titleholders and their mission to represent our states at a national pageant that will take place, at some point!

The Miss Universe Organization has launched a social media movement #UniverseUnited, to encourage community building and support of each other during this time of separation.  Our Titleholders will be using Social Media to discuss and share stories on how they are coping during these uncertain times.  Watch their social media outlets for these stories, along with Facebook Live and/or Instagram Live events.

We have had questions as to when we will hold our fall competitions.  We are looking at the calendar for potential dates and venues.  We want to be proactive so that we are ready; but sensitive to the fact that the normal way of doing things will be altered for some time to come.  When appropriate, we will provide updates on our plans while monitoring the health and well-being of our families and community.  We will all get through this and be stronger because of it, as we are #UniverseUnited!


Randy Sanders
President, Sanders & Associates, Inc.
dba, Pageant Associates 

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